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she fell in love with the snowman

Published Date: December 12, 2012

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Ride the roller coaster through verses of love lost and found. Indulge in the wild abandon that only legends could induce in ‘Memphis in his smile’.


Cross bridges of pain… or journey into space with Einstein ‘in the particle zoo’ and feel the sun on your face, so warm, it would melt the heart of any snowman…


Some short excerpts…

Memphis in his smile:

I swear I could see the moon in his eyes…

within his stare

girls would bare their souls

they’d lose their self-control

and let a single look

take a hold

innocents were hooked

make-up runs

hair undone
they curled their tongues…


she fell in love with the snowman:

his icy chin

his coal tooth grin

his eyes unmoved

his coat so smooth

not giving in…

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